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Firefly offers Local Authorities, Councils and Health intelligent software that transforms the way data is captured, recorded and shared to minimise risk, target resources and predict trends.

How does it work?

Firefly software aligns with your existing system. We configure the technology around you – so your processes stay intact without the need (and expense) of making wholesale change.

Your team is supported on a daily basis. You can easily and securely share data with other departments and agencies. You have peace of mind.
Its value lies in its ability to synchronise seamlessly with your system.

The Benefits

We’re often asked “What does your product do?” Every time the answer is
“What do you want it to do?”

The beauty of Firefly is its versatility – it will adapt to and work with your existing processes and systems.

Below are three key benefits:

Firefly captures information which can be shared without the need for cover emails, spreadsheets and attachments, enabling Local Authorities to actively chart improvement and progress, review performance and allocate resources where there’s greatest need. There is no subjectivity or inconsistency.
You can use Firefly both on and offline, saving time and boosting productivity. For example, when making visits, team members can take an iPad or tablet with them to record details in offline working mode - they can input data, record answers to questions and add accurate information while on site which can be analysed and reviewed later.
Proactive control
Firefly offers the ability to shape the market and influence the future at a strategic level. It raises awareness and provides alerts for areas where there may be safeguarding concerns, risks and underperformance. It has tried and tested value as an oversight tool for ongoing scrutiny.

Firefly assures quality, minimises risk and maximises resources today while providing an oversight and market position so that you can plan confidently for tomorrow.

Why Firefly?

Choose Firefly, and you’re in safe hands. Our software has already been successfully implemented by Local Authorities and councils across the UK.

“Firefly enabled us to develop a robust, evidence-based tool to satisfy customer demands, our corporate requirements and offer proactive support to the wider market, assuring quality, consistency and auditability.”

Find out how it has made a valuable contribution to West Sussex County Council here

See the big picture

From the dashboard below, you’ll see how easy it is to spot early warning signs in a format that’s easy to understand and simple to share.

This means you can act swiftly, redirecting resources, making appropriate changes and ensuring timely interventions.

Provider Risk Ratings
Risk % Providers %
Total = 450
<20 9 2%
20-40 22 5%
40-60 72 16%
60-80 270 60%
80-100 77 17%
Service Area Manager
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Service Area Manager

T: 0115 555 555

E: katie.ward@firefly.net

Safeguarding Incidents
Service Users
Average Risk
Provider Locations
East Midlands
Performance (%)
Staff Ratio
Service User Feedback

Learn more

Find out more by requesting our fact sheets – they’re free of charge and will give you an idea of Firefly’s value in five key areas:

The best way to learn more is to give you a demonstration – call our team to arrange a convenient time for us to show you just how easily the software can integrate with your existing systems.

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